The AdiTio approach and model

Consult, get helpful advices and assistance

In the above mentioned context, skills and information required are available internally and with existing providers. But it is wise to consider getting external assistance which will bring

  • a dedicated resource complementing the teams in place (sized for normal operations)
  • a global vision, able to cope with multiple areas issues and coordinate various players,  with mostly vertically specialized skills (technical and/or business),
  • an external and independent opinion, based on similar experiences and  the industry best practices.

Why Aditio... - our added value role

Aditio Consulting focuses on a role,  Assistance to project owning management, over a key asset of the Enterprise, its Information System. In particular, the foundations of it, namely IT Technical Infrastructure, including people resources and operation/steering processes which make the all stuff work.
Assistance to project management consists in upporting and advising the Project/Domain Owner: the CIO, and, on his/her behalf, the Infrastructure and/or Technical Manager. It brings additional resources, expertise and/or a complementary opinion.
In that role, Aditio Consulting shares the customer objectives and challenges.

Aditio Consulting knows the constraints of the user enterprise and the mechanisms/models of service providers as well.  So, Aditio Consulting may act as a mediator between them and the final client for a result aligned with the customer requirements.  .

When Aditio... - some warning events and questions

In most cases, the topics on which AdiTio has worked were nearly hidden, or even ignored,... intentionally or not (see our case studies).
The more likely resulting risk would have been a mismatch between the implemented running service and the customer  business requirements. "Mismatch", a moderate wording to describe
  • either an undersized solution/service which should result in insufficient, or even poor quality of service.
  • or an oversized service offer, thus an excessive cost, on which a management controller or Chief Financial Officer should come and hold somebody accountable.
Sometimes, the situation was blocked, with conflicting positions (security rules versus evolution of key business processes) 

Some typical situations can therefore serve as a warning signal and should lead the internal decision maker to ask questions, and then to seek some external advices and assistance: 
- transformation of a part of the I.S. (e.g. SAP migration, implementation of a new sales management architecture)
-  companies mergers, resulting in IT pooling/sharing resources and foreseen convergence 
- geographical or structural changes: outsourcing of IT services, creation/removal of business locations, plants. 
- strengthening of the  business services continuity: availability, risks management,  rescue plan,...
- changes in service contracts and providers, whatever the reason for changing